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Chilli's character is pretty different to the one of her mother Enya. She is more of a protective nature. In the past the door bell or visitors around our property have never been a problem. Nowadays we know everything what happens in the neighbourhood. ;)
Chilli's nickname is "police officer". She always has to control what people or dogs are doing and she thinks she has to tell them what they should do. If two are tussling, she has to intervene and go between them. If someone stays behind while being on a walk, then she has to grumble with him.
But Chilli is also a very charming girl. And she knows that! If she gets an order, then she first wants to know if this is meant serious. Looking sweet and innocent, perhaps she dosn`t have to do "sit" or similar silly things?
In Chillis first postnatal weeks there has been a lot of construction work around our house and she learned to live and sleep during all this noise.
Consequently character tests are easy going for her, she e. g. shows no reaction during the shooting test.


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